In Five Words or Less

I asked some trusted friends and accomplices to describe me in 5 words or less. If you don’t know me, take this crash course. If you do know me, feel free to add yours in the comments.

Dramastically Different - thanks, Carolyn SewellSprightful yet discerning word lover.
– Leah Thomason Bromberg (Artist slash badass.)

Talented, brave, fun, honest, questioning.
– Carolyn Tapie (Attorney, stopper of bad guys.)

Wicked comedy from moral tragedy.
– Carol Ritz (Professional thriller writer. For real.)

Believer, Maker, Giver, Challenger, Defender
- Carolyn Sewell (She doodles FOR A LIVING.)

Drinker, Player, Jew
- Carolyn Sewell (Don’t limit her to five.)

Funny, intelligent, informative, curly, muppets.
– Wendy McLean (Writer, naturalist, curly headed sympathizer.)

Creativity grounded in empathy.
Jewish, but not able to grow facial hair- Laura Lorenzetti (Who makes everything more beautiful.)

Moral, snarky, courageous, inquisitive, sarcastic.
– Matt Tapie  (Ask him about Thomas Aquinas.)

Intellectual, witty, charming, and stubborn.
– Michael Klein (Writer, producer, even more stubborn.)

Compassionately subversive. Hilariously truthful. Tassy.
- Allison Blum (Writer; invents words like “tassy.”)

Polemical; economical; colorful; rhetorical; emphatic.
– Joey Watson (Media expert, ever loyal friend.)

Life’s hilarious truth, boldly spoken.
– Katie Braja (Healthiest surrealist I know.)

Intelligent, funny, informative, with heart.
– Stephanie Carrie (Doer of everything, and well.)

hereticThe world’s greatest daughter.
– Dad (Thanks for giving me life.)

Creative, keen, hilarious, daring, fascinating.
– Mom (Ditto, plus extra for birthing.)

A universe unto herself.
– Husband (Likes to use space metaphors.)

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