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Some Tough Love for Writers on Twitter

Tweeted this today:


While we’re on the subject, I’m also not a huge fan of writers telling me how many words they’ve written today/this week/etc. Here’s why:

1) It’s meaningless
“I’ve written 2300 words today!” doesn’t mean “I’ve written 2300 good words.”

2) It’s wasteful
Think of all the words you could write while not Tweeting or Facebooking about what a great writer you are.

3) It’s boring
And if it bores me, what do you think it does to people who have 0 interest in writing?

If my plumber friend announced on Twitter how many toilets he’d unclogged that day, and what that gave him as a total for the month, I’d think it was a helpful insight into his world – just this once.

But if he did it again, and again, every day? I’d eventually stop following him.

Do you really think your word count is more interesting than a toilet tally? It isn’t. So stop telling me about it and go write a story that is.


2 thoughts on “Some Tough Love for Writers on Twitter

  1. I use the #amwriting hashtag on Instagram often. I love connecting with the community of writers who do the same. When they post their goals and achievements I can celebrate with them. I think it is awesome. When someone shares their success with others (even if it was 2300 crap words, which people are usually quite honest about) it is encouraging. You may be missing the point of why writers post these stats.

    • Thanks for your point of view on this. I LOVE to see writers encouraging each other. Maybe a private group or online writers’ forum might be a better place for word count than on Twitter? It can sometimes be a bit much to hear people’s stats more than I hear about their families or specific writing projects.

      Of course, most of this post was just meant to be in good fun. Some of the best (and most prolific) writers I know use the #amwriting hashtag, so who am I to judge?

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