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On Being (at) Giant

speaking at GiantLast week I spoke at the GIANT Conference in Charleston, SC. Photo evidence attached!

My talk was on making your own opportunities in a creative field. It was the first time I presented on the topic, which is dear to my heart. In the moment, you never know what people are thinking; but I was thrilled to find out afterward that the conference folks had brought extra rows of chairs into the ballroom to accommodate the interest level.

The idea of taking control of one’s creative options definitely strikes a chord with a lot of people. I met actors, writers, designers, and even an outdoorsman who want different, better work. Most importantly, they want to use the full range of their abilities and not waste their skills.

It’s an easy thing to talk about, but much harder to do. We discussed networking, goal-setting, and having an honest definition of what it means to be engaged with your work.

Thanks to all who attended! You were fab.

Thanks to the guys at GIANT UX.

And thanks to sunny Charleston for hosting! Your city was absolutely delightful, and I can’t wait to go back!

GIANT conference - rad stuff

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