Drama Is Life: Women in the Arts

John Everett Millais - The Martyr of the SolwayTo underscore my recent post on women in – or should I say, not in – the arts, here’s a little dialogue from my life this week:

(Husband looks over my shoulder while I’m watching Project Runway)
Husband: Was the challenge to design something for extremely tall women?
Me: No, honey. That’s the normal size for models.
Husband: Whoa.

Female writer: I would be careful not to make [your female character] just a sex object for [your male character].
Male writer: Don’t worry – the other male character also falls in love with her.

Male: I don’t know why I don’t care about this [women’s arts event] but I just don’t.
Female: Maybe because you’re not a woman.
Male: That’s probably it, but whatever it is, the whole thing gives me erectile dysfunction.

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