That’s a Wrap!

2015-05-09 10.11.08We had a great time on set last week for the web series Sorta My Thing!

This 8-episode series explores various ways women find fulfillment, and the sometimes absurd process of figuring it out. It’s based on a monologue series I created last year, and it premieres this June!

I have so many people to thank for this coming together. For now, I want to thank a few people who made it possible on the writing side:

Thank you to Kate McDaniel and Melissa Rojas for cornering me at a wedding the first time we ever met and demanding I write more monologues for women that aren’t about men. Kate is featured in Episode One (Sexy Janitor), and Melissa is featured in Episode Six (Have To).

These monologues went through a few drafts thanks to the talented actors who volunteered their time to workshop them with me. So thank you to Natalie Donner, Lauren Hines, and the students at Georgia Southwestern University + Joey Watson for playing with them and asking tough questions.

Stephanie Carrie and Davidson Vorhes on the set of Sorta My ThingA special shout-out to Emma Jackson, who spent a significant time on these monologues in Washington, DC. Her take on these women made the project much stronger and made me a better writer in general.

Last fall, I had a really productive workshop on some of these pieces. Some creative geniuses gave me great advice that stayed through to the final product. Thank you Carolyn Sewell, Dave Ellington, Alex Herder, Ric Cunningham, Lydia Zuraw, Ross Nover, Cristina Keane, Katie Harris and Geoff Silverstein. If I could, I would surprise each of you with waffles, puns, and PBR.

Thank you Stephanie Carrie, our visionary director who sat down with me in pre-production to talk through final revisions.

And thank you to the zany women in my life who were inspirations for these characters! I won’t mention a single one of you by name. You’ll thank me later.