Joanna Launches Red, White, and Dad

DLC-Kennedy-V1_@handle“My dad is a conservative candidate for POTUS. I’m a bleeding heart Hollywood liberal. And he’s letting me vlog his campaign.”

It’s a true story. Joanna’s father, Darrell Castle, is officially the presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, the 5th largest political party in America.

Joanna and her dad don’t always agree on politics, but thankfully they both love each other and have a sense of humor.

And so she’s launched Red, White, and Dad with his permission.

Red, White, and Dad is a weekly web show chronicling the 2016 race for the White House… as seen from the eyes of a future first daughter. Part vlog, part political comedy, the show uses commentary, interviews, and sketch to highlight both the importance and absurdity of this year’s presidential election.

To learn more, contact Joanna.

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