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Daughter of presidential candidate: 6 things I’ve learned from the election

Be honest, you don’t even know what a server is. What does it actually do? You don’t know. You just know YOU would NEVER send emails over a private server if you worked for the government, and you would never, ever accidentally delete emails, no matter how many times it’s happened to various administrations since email was invented.

Then again, watching this campaign season has made you remember that one humiliating email you sent your ex around midnight on Feb. 15. Was that on a private server? What is a private server? You wonder if the NSA has a copy. You deleted it, didn’t you? You don’t remember. Maybe your ex still has it on his server. He would. He probably works for WikiLeaks. You look up the phone number for Gmail. There isn’t one. Could Gmail be run by Russian hackers? This goes further up than you thought.