ASH Completes Production

ASH Dale SoulesJoanna’s short film ASH has finished production!

In ASH, a young, widowed homeowner battles her own ghosts, and a charismatic energy executive who may be her last chance, when she is driven to leave her town after environmental devastation.

Directed by Kaz PS and produced by Generative Films, ASH stars Jason Butler Harner, Lauren Hines, Dale Soules, Frank de Julio, Daniella de Jesus, and Addy-Bella Bautista.

ASH was first inspired by the true story of how unsafe and unregulated disposal of coal ash led to widespread death in a small coal mining community.  Read Joanna’s article that inspired the script.

The production was supported by grants from  The Gotham Fellowship and The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts. To view the trailer, photos, cast and crew bios, visit

ASH poster